Костровище, очаг для костра, мангалDesigner bonfire site is the outdoor fire pits for country houses. They can be easily used both as a barbeque to prepare aromatic dishes on fire and as an outdoor fireplace. Each fire sphere, the fire bowl pit is manufactured according to the individual design of the craftsman. The outdoor fireplace will become a valuable decoration of a country land plot and will add some lacking color to the outdoor atmosphere. Now it is easy to find a place for a fire near the country house – the metal fire pit (outdoor fireplace, metal barbeque) is perfectly suitable for this purpose. The fire sphere, fire pit are a designer handwork. It is made in the form of a picture reflected by fire flame. The fascinating view of the precise craftsman’s work creates strong feelings. Each theme is one of a kind and is an implementation of author’s imagination which is highly valuable. The outdoor fireplace (fireplace at the cottage) will warm you during the evening rest in the open air. The fire pit, bonfire site is shape of sphere are not dangerous to use in the open air. High borders do not allow sparks to get on the grass. The plot stays clean and well-kept. The high-quality metal used to make a fire pit, fire sphere will not lose its original characteristics in the course of time, will not get burned through or deformed. The fire pit will replace barbeque and fireplace and will become a nice decoration of your country house. The outdoor fire pits for country house are an exclusive gift for new married couples who enjoy spending their time in the country side. Surely you cannot find more romantic gift: night, fire and captivating picture made of metal.

Professional blacksmiths are learning the hot forging technique for many years to create unique works for outdoor living space decoration. More and more frequently fire spheres, fire pits are used as an outdoor fireplace, barbeque during events at restaurant outside spaces. They add the holiday with a special atmosphere of tranquility and savagery. The unusual design bewilders guests and leaves deep impression after celebration. And if the air is cool you can warm yourself at fire. The craftsmen use different themes for their pictures. Depending on the type of celebration it is possible to choose an appropriate fire pit that will complete the atmosphere with figures against the background of fire. Stylish elements for landscaping outdoor areas will be met with interest and admired by everyone.

If you desire to buy a barbeque— original and exclusive, thus using it as an optional as an outdoor fire pit — our products are perfect for you.

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